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When you ate too much and regret the overeating, stimulate acupressure points.

Haven't you experienced that you eat too much because of unrequited love, stresses caused by a diet, and so on? Overeating or overdrinking continuously irritates the digestive system and may result in a heavy stomach feeling.
To remove such heavy stomach feeling, stimulate stomach in an ear.


stomach is located around the tip of the cartilage which runs the center of an ear. If it is stimulated, work of the stomach is activated and digestion is improved.

Stimulation method

Push and rub stomach with a finger. If it is hard to stimulate the point effectively, affix a 1/4-cut grain of rice to a finger using a adhesive tape and push the point with the finger a grain attached.

* Greasy food requires time for digestion. When feeling stomach heavy, refrain from eating such foods. Also be careful that gastric irritant such as alcohol and red pepper damages the stomach.