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Ear acupressure diet I

Foundations of the ear acupressure diet

Do not overeat. It's the foundations of the diet.
If seeing a delicious thing or getting irritated, we tend to overeat. It is very important to suppress a meal in a proper quantity. The acupressure point "jidian" is recommended to such time. Let's pinch the ear before eating.


jidian is the acupressure point on the ear that prevents overeating. jidian is located in the lower hollow of the sharp portion of the front part of the ear as shown in the figure. It is effective in suppressing overeating.

Stimulation method

Place the ball of the index finger on the jidian of both ears. Pat and push the point at the speed of your pulse by the strength of a grade that feels a small pain. Stimulate the point for two to three minutes 10 to 15 minutes before eating. It is also effective to stimulate with the root of a hairpin or a toothpick.

Ear acupressure diet II