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Upper arm

Tighten up the muscles of your upper arm by pressing the acupressure points.

The upper arm is most worrisome part when wearing a sleeveless top or a body-fit sweater. Generally, the upper arm is called portion which fat tends to attach due to seldom use muscles. Moreover, while growing older, the upper arm becomes further easy to attach extra fat, and will become flabby gradually. To tighten this upper arm that becomes flabby easily and to make an arm slim, it is effective to stimulate the Gongchung and the gongchung.

Pinao (Li14)

If you place one hand on the hips and bend the arm in V-shaped, the deltoid muscle of the arm joint will appear clearly. The point a little inside of the tip of the deltoid muscle is Gongchung. By stimulating the point, it promotes detox of wastes (cause of flabby) in the upper arm.


The gongchung is located in the inner of the bone at the intermediate of the line connecting the arm joint and the middle of the elbow. You can feel a pain when pressing the gongchung. By stimulating the point, it promotes detox of wastes in the upper arm as well as the Gongchung.

Stimulation method

As shown in the figure, place the thumb on the Gongchung and the forefinger on the gongchung, and press and massage those points a little harder. If you rotate the wrist with bend right-angled while stimulating those points, it is more effective.