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Remove swelling of the thigh by stimulating the acupressure points.

Because a leg is far from the heart, blood and lymph tend to accumulate with gravity. Therefore, improve their flow and raise metabolism to make the thigh slender. The effective acupressure point is the No-name-point, removing swelling of the thigh. Moreover, a thick thigh is mainly caused by lack of exercise. Therefore, doing a slight exercise such as going up and down the stairs is important. By stimulating the points and doing the slight exercises, the thick thigh must be tighten.


Try to press the center of the inner side of the thigh. If you feel a sufficient pain, it is the point the No-name-point located in. The No-name-point has effects to the thigh. The position of the No-name-point differs depending on people. By stimulating the point, metabolism and blood circulation become good and useless moisture and wastes in the thigh are removed.

Stimulation method

As shown in a figure, sit on a chair with legs opened lightly, and straightened the back with the abdomen tightened. Then, cross the both hands and stimulate the point on the right leg with the left four fingers and the left leg with the right fingers. It is the point that the thigh and hands apply force each other. Repeat pushing and releasing for 10 times.