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Be sure to stimulate acupressure points before eating.

Basically, do not overeat during a diet.
But, seeing a delicious thing or getting irritated tends to result in overeating. It is very important to suppress a meal in a proper quantity. And, be careful for overeating because eating with a desire will make a big trouble. Recommended countermeasure is to pinch a palm before having a meal.

Stimulate a palm strongly.

The “stomach, spleen, and large intestine” area is located in a palm as shown in the right figure. Pinch this area with a finger or stimulate it strongly with tools such as a toothpick and a hairpin. On the other hand, soft stimulation may enhance appetite. Please keep it in mind. Normally, stimulate the area of each palm 20 to 30 times before having a meal.

* This method is effective also for a diet of a young woman.