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Five basic principles of a meal

Principle 4. Get the habit of exercising after dinner.

Why is the exercise after dinner effective for a diet?
The first reason is that the energy just taken into the body can be consumed immediately by exercising. (However, the energy that can be consumed by exercising is slight.)
The second reason is that the exercise after a meal has an effect that controls secretion of insulin. If secretion of insulin is controlled, the quantity of the fat that flows into blood will be stopped, and the quantity of the fat to be accumulated during sleep can be reduced.
The exercise just after a meal irritates the stomach and intestine. Therefore, wait at least for 30 minutes after a meal to start exercise. Little walk may be sufficient, let's begin instantly from today.

Principle 5. Rice is better than bread, noodles, etc. as staple food.

Rice, bread, and noodles consist primarily of carbohydrate. But there is a big difference between rice that is a "kernel" and the bread and noodles that are "powder." It is secretion of insulin. The "powder (bread and noodles)" stimulates secretion of insulin stronger than "a grain (boiled rice)." If secretion of insulin becomes active, accumulation of fat becomes active. Therefore, rice is preferable to a diet.
Additionally, It is a big advantage that boiled rice goes with the roast fish, the simmered dishes, and the boiled vegetables, which do not use oil for cooking. (For cooking bread and pasta, butter, oiled dressing, etc. are used, which tends to increase fat.) And, a feeling of fullness lasts long because energy of rice is supplied more slowly than that of bread and noodles. Boiled rice can just be said a best staple food for a diet.

Therefore please adopt (little by little) the above having-a meal methods. An effect must certainly appear because having a meal is necessity for every day.
Next, let's diagnose your constitution and propose a meal plan suitable for you.