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Five basic principles of a meal

By Eastern medicine, there is a thought "Eating well for optimum health" that tells foods have not only the nutrients and energies but also the medicinal benefits. In man's body, there is a way through which three important energies, "mind", "blood", and "water", flow, and if the flow of this way is disrupted, bad conditions, such as "overweight", will appear. The way through which those energies flow is called "circulatory system", which is affected by the medicinal benefits of foods as well as stimulation of acupressure points.
Additionally, it is called "Chinese medicinal food" to catch food well according to one's constitution and condition. That is, food with the medicinal benefits differs depending on various constitutions that the man has. At first, it explains that it must be careful in daily meal, the "five basic principles of a meal."

Principle 1. Do not take sugar and fat together.

The caution for diet is the combination of "sugar and fat." If sugar is ingested, insulin secreting becomes active, resulting that fat accumulates in the body without being split. Therefore, keep in mind that the following food combinations increase fat rapidly in your body: buttered toast and jam, potato chips and juice, and cake and greasy food such as steak or the saute. If you do not want to increase fat any more, stop eating sweets after a meal if possible, and don not adopt the way of eating which pours in food by soft drink. Even if the total amount of calories of the meal is low, depending on the combination of the meal, it may adversely affect the body as well as high calories meal.

Principle 2. Devise a recipe, such as burning, steaming, and boiling.

Avoid the recipe using oil, such as frying and stir-frying. The recipes using burning, steaming, and boiling are recommended. Especially, a recipe using steaming is most suitable for diet. The steaming does not spoil the taste of the material itself unlike that of boiling, therefore its seasoning is also light-seasoned. Generally the meal of deep seasoning tends to enhance appetite. Light seasoning is important for health and diet.

Principle 3. Rate of meals a day is "breakfast 2:lunch 3:dinner 1."

Although it is important to eat three times a day during diet, the rate has the ideal "breakfast 2:lunch 3:dinner 1."
Breakfast is very important in order to start the bodily engine. If breakfast is not taken, body temperature will not go up easily and blood circulation will be poor, as a result, work of a brain cell will become blunt. For breakfast, it will be good to add a "hot spring egg" etc. because protein has an effect that raises body temperature.
For lunch, well-balanced meal must be taken because lunch needs to have most energy among a day. Even so, let's avoid the pork cutlet bowl, tempura, etc. in which a calorie is extremely high, and try to have a Japanese-style set meal, noodles containing various vegetables, etc.
For dinner, make it lighter than others. Avoid fat as much as possible because fat is most actively compounded and accumulated while sleeping night. The menu consisting mainly of protein or vegetables is recommended. (Fillet or round for beef, white meat for chicken)