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Remove excess moisture by stimulating the acupressure points.

Because the hip line is located in the invisible position, we tend to pay no attention to it. If the hips sags into the thigh, posture with a swimming suit does not look well. For such a problem, the Chenghu is effective. Now stimulate the point and make a beautiful hip line.

Chenghu (B50)

The Chenghu is located in the center of the horizontal line under the hips. When pushing up the Chenghu, you can feel the touch of bone. Stimulate the point so that swelling and excess fat of the hips can be removed.

Stimulation method

As shown in a figure, with stimulating the Tienshu and the Tachu with a finger, step on the Chihyin on foot. Breathing out, twist the upper body in the direction opposite to the stepping foot and state this twisted condition for about 2 or 3 seconds. Then, return the upper body with breathing. Repeat these steps for 10 times for right and left.