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Bad Breath

Wash your mouth immediately when you feel bad breath.

Bad breath usually occurs after a meal including strong flavor such as garlic. Additionally, it occurs due to the illness of digestive trouble or a tooth, stomatitis, etc.
To avoid the bad breath, chewing gum or brushing your teeth is common method. But, we recommend the "salivary-glands stimulating method," which removes the bad breath simply and quickly.
If there is little secretion of saliva, the inside of the mouth will dry and the bacteria, a cause of the bad breath, increases easily. Therefore, improving the secretion of saliva with "salivary-glands stimulating method" is recommended to avoid or remove the bad breath.

"Salivary-glands stimulating method"

1. Closes a mouth, and swell or pull in a cheek in the way which gargles for about 30 times.

2. The salivary glands will be stimulated and saliva will come out. When the inside of a mouth fills with saliva, slowly swallow the saliva in 3 to 4 steps.

This method is very effective to the bad breath. Please try it when you feel bad breath. Also, too much smoking or drinking will cause peculiar bad breath, please take care.