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Show a leg thinly by stimulating the acupressure points that has effects to the ankle.

If an ankle is thin, the entire leg looks tight. Even if a leg is actually somewhat thick, it looks thin if the ankle is tightened. Additionally, a slim leg with a tightened ankle is suitable to sandals. Although an ankle is a body part that does not become thin easily due to low fat, stimulate the acupressure points that raises metabolism and make an ankle thin.

Chiehhsi (S41)

The Chiehhsi is located between two muscles in the front center of the ankle joint. By stimulating the acupressure point, it raises metabolism and makes an ankle thin.

Tahsi (K3)

The Tahsi is located in a dent near the Achilles tendon, just behind the inner ankle. By stimulating the point, as well as the Chiehhsi, it raises metabolism and makes an ankle thin.

Stimulation method

As shown in a figure, sit on a chair with one leg put on a thigh and place a thumb on the Tahsi and the index finger on the Chiehhsi. Insert each finger into the toe and rotate the ankle for 20 to 30 times inward and outward respectively. For both legs, repeat this method for 20 to 30 times.